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Um encontro inevitável

Ricardo Lombardi

15 Fevereiro 2008 | 07h23

O Wall Street Journal de hoje publica uma resenha do livro “The Thing About Life Is That One Day You’ll Be Dead“, de David Shields (aqui, um trecho). O livro, segundo o jornal descortina, é quase um desalento para quem está na meia idade, mas serve para todos (já que pensar na morte é mesmo inevitável). Escreve o autor do texto: “Mr. Shields offers a more panoramic version of Sherwin Nuland’s “How We Die” (…) covering the whole life cycle — which is to say, the death cycle.” Alguns fatos:

“Coordination and strength peak at 19, IQ at around 20, bone mass at 30,Mr. Shields reports. On the down slope, the brain shrinks, the eyes go cloudy, the metabolic rate falls. You slow down, you break down. If you reach 100, odds are nine out of 10 that you’re female — testosterone makes life and then takes it. More of longevity’s secrets: “People with higher education live six years longer than high school ropouts; (…) CEOs outlive corporate vice presidents; religious people outlive atheists; tall people (men over 6′; women over 5’7”) outlive short people by three years; (…) Laurie, Mr. Shields’s wife, quotes a friend — “At 40, a woman must choose between her face and her ass: nice ass, gaunt face; good face, fat ass.”