Por dentro da mente de quem escreve comentários anônimos
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Por dentro da mente de quem escreve comentários anônimos

Ricardo Lombardi

29 de junho de 2010 | 11h08


Boa pauta realizada pelo Boston Globe e publicada na revista dominical do jornal: “Inside the mind of the anonymous online poster“, sobre as pessoas que postam comentários anônimos em sites. O resumo do editor explica: “These users comment on everything from today’s news to hotel rooms. Many are harmless. But some are ruthless. Who are they exactly, and why do they do what they do?”

Abaixo, destaco um trecho:

” (…) Anonymous commentary is a push and pull between privacy and trust, and the implications extend beyond news sites to include Web reviews for everything from books to technology to hotel rooms. Online postings can sway political opinion and heavily influence whether products or businesses thrive or fail. They can make or break reputations and livelihoods. On one side, anonymous comments give users the freedom to be completely candid in a public forum. On the other, that freedom can be abused and manipulated to spread lies or mask hidden agendas. With all that in the balance, the thinking goes, shouldn’t we know who’s saying these things? (…)”.


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