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Obcecado por Charlie Parker

Ricardo Lombardi

12 de maio de 2008 | 08h04

Na New Yorker que chega às bancas hoje, o editor-chefe, David Remnick, escreveu um perfil de Phil Schaap, apresentador — há 27 anos — de um programa matinal diário sobre o saxofonista Charlie Parker. “In the capital of jazz”, escreve Remnick, “he is its most passionate and voluble fan. He is the Bill James of his field, a master of history, hierarchies, personalities, anecdote, relics, dates, and events; but he is also a guardian, for, unlike baseball, jazz and the musicians who play it are endangered. Jazz today is responsible for only around three per cent of music sales in the United States, and what even that small slice contains is highly questionable. Among the current top sellers on Amazon in the jazz category are easy-listening acts like Kenny G and Michael Bublé.” Leia “Bird-watcher — Thinking about Charlie Parker, every day“. Neste link, mais um vídeo: Parker e Dizzy Gillespie.


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