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O segredo da Apple

Ricardo Lombardi

31 de março de 2008 | 06h59

Vale a pena ler a matéria de capa da edição de abril da Wired: “Evil/Genius — How Apple wins breaking all the rules“. Um trecho: “Apple’s successes in the years since Jobs’ return — iMac, iPod, iPhone — suggest an alternate vision to the worker-is-always-right school of management. In Cupertino, innovation doesn’t come from coddling employees and collecting whatever froth rises to the surface; it is the product of an intense, hard-fought process, where people’s feelings are irrelevant. Some management theorists are coming around to Apple’s way of thinking. ‘A certain type of forcefulness and perseverance is sometimes helpful when tackling large, intractable problems,’ says Roderick Kramer, a social psychologist at Stanford who wrote an appreciation of ‘great intimidators’ — including Jobs — for the February 2006 Harvard Business Review.”


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