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O futuro da leitura

Ricardo Lombardi

29 de outubro de 2007 | 07h30

Ótimo o texto “Future Reading“, de Anthony Grafton, publicado na mais recente edição da New Yorker. Ele escreve sobre os projetos de digitalização de livros que estão em curso no momento, sendo o mais famoso deles o do Google Book Search, que teve início há cinco anos. Boa pauta. Valeria traduzir e publicar no Brasil. Um trecho:”In fact, the Internet will not bring us a universal library, much less an encyclopedic record of human experience. None of the firms now engaged in digitization projects claim that it will create anything of the kind. The hype and rhetoric make it hard to grasp what Google and Microsoft and their partner libraries are actually doing. We have clearly reached a new point in the history of text production. On many fronts, traditional periodicals and books are making way for blogs and other electronic formats. But magazines and books still sell a lot of copies. The rush to digitize the written record is one of a number of critical moments in the long saga of our drive to accumulate, store, and retrieve information efficiently. It will result not in the infotopia that the prophets conjure up but in one in a long series of new information ecologies, all of them challenging, in which readers, writers, and producers of text have learned to survive.”


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