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Na Itália, coma na casa dos italianos

Ricardo Lombardi

12 de abril de 2010 | 20h13


Uma nova modalidade de turismo gastronômico na Itália: comer na casa dos italianos. O New York Times fez matéria sobre o assunto. Um pequeno trecho, no original:

“This may sound impossible, but it’s made vastly easier by Home Food, an Italian organization dedicated to, as its promotional literature states, “the protection and increase of the value of typical Italian gastronomic and culinary legacy.” That is, it’s all about preserving and showcasing the cooking of individual Italian families. From Piedmont in the north to Sicily in the south, from cities like Florence and Milan to hamlets like Abbateggio, Home Food seeks out exceptional home chefs, puts them through a training course and dubs them Cesarinas — little Caesars, emperors of the kitchen. Then, a few times a month, the Cesarinas host dinner parties at which they open their homes to strangers.

All an intrepid eater has to do is register with Home Food, pay a membership fee (3.50 euros for foreigners, or about $4.60 at $1.31 to the euro; 35 euros for Italians) and scour the monthly listings for a meal that appeals. Would you like goose-meat salami in Lombardy? Fried chicken bones with red chicory in Emilia-Romagna? Rabbit in a pot in Tuscany? All are part of dozens of meals on offer throughout April, with participation fees typically 34.90 or 39.90 euros per person.”


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