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Jovens românticos: Byron, Hunt, Shelley…

Ricardo Lombardi

10 de julho de 2010 | 08h52


No New York Times, a resenha de um livro que parece ser interessante: “YOUNG ROMANTICS — The Tangled Lives of English Poetry’s Greatest Generation“, de Daisy Hay (364 páginas, US$ 27,50). Diz o destaque do editor, no suplemento de livros que circula amanhã: “This group biography of Byron, Shelley and their circle — the women and children suffered mightily — is a triumph of artful synthesis.” Abaixo, um trecho da resenha:

“But it’s as a biographer pure and simple that [Daisy] Hay ­shines. Despite being almost as youthful as her subjects — she only recently received her doctorate from Cambridge, and “Young Romantics” is her first book — she is a skilled and sure-­footed chronicler. In firm, clear, often elegant prose, she narrates the main events in the lives of her subjects from 1813, when they began to coalesce around Hunt in London, till 1822, when Shelley drowned near Livorno, Italy. She also more briefly considers the aftermath of that tragedy; Byron’s death in Greece in 1824; the later lives of the remaining figures; and, finally, the struggle over the legacies of Shelley and Byron waged by Hunt and other memoirists. Moving swiftly and purposefully, her story has no longueurs whatsoever, nor even a single lurching transition; it represents a triumph of artful selection and synthesis. If you want to read a single book of modest length on the lives (less so the work) of the later Romantics, this might very well be the one.”

Na ilustração, da esquerda para a direita, Byron, Hunt e Shelley.


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