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Hitchens, 58, vai ao spa

Ricardo Lombardi

20 de setembro de 2007 | 06h30

A Vanity Fair mandou o escritor Christopher Hitchens (foto) para um spa e ele voltou com um relato que foi publicado na edição de outubro. Outro texto bom para traduzir e publicar no Brasil. Um trecho para destacar: “The trouble with bad habits is that they are mutually reinforcing. And, just as a bank won’t lend you money unless you are too rich to need it, exercise is a pastime only for those who are already slender and physically fit. It just isn’t so much fun when you have a marked tendency to wheeze and throw up, and a cannonball of a belly sloshing around inside the baggy garments. In my case, most of my bad habits are connected with the only way I know to make a living. In order to keep reading and writing, I need the junky energy that scotch can provide, and the intense short-term concentration that nicotine can help supply.”


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