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Dunga na "Der Spiegel"

Ricardo Lombardi

21 de junho de 2007 | 13h29

O New York Times News Service Syndicate colocou uma entrevista da Der Spiegel com o técnico Dunga em seu cardápio de matérias. Para saber o preço e a disponibilidade é preciso entrar em contato com a representante deles no Brasil, Regina Marzagão:

A pauta traz um trecho da conversa:

Poverty Is No Good for Anything
Christoph Biermann. 1400 words.
SPIEGEL in-depth interview with the coach of the Brazilian national football team, Carlos Dunga, about the crisis of his international star Ronaldinho, the world-wide traffic in Brazilian talents, and his team’s prospects for success at the South America Championships in Venezuela:
‘Ronaldinho came back from his holidays after the World Cup and was playing again the very next day. How was he supposed to play a good season without any proper foundation? But of course everyone wants him to play-myself included. … Our clubs need to be protected better by new laws. In my day, some players went abroad when they were 25 or 26 years old. Nowadays clubs are already selling off their players to Europe at the age of 17 or 18, in order to receive a transfer payment at all. … Brazil always has to win.’


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