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Dormir em camas separadas faz bem

Ricardo Lombardi

26 de março de 2008 | 06h19

Matéria publicada pelo Times de Londres que pode interessar aos casais: “Sleeping apart, the key to a happy marriage” (algo como, “dormir separados, a chave de um casamento feliz”. Um trecho: “Research by the Sleep Council has found that half of us are regularly woken about six times a night by our partners, particularly if they snore or fidget. Dr Chris Alford, a sleep psychologist from the University of the West of England, says that “sleep conflicts” often will result in relationship conflicts. The problem is so great that more people seem to be taking to single beds. The Sleep Council says that one in four of us regularly retreats to a spare room or sofa for a refreshing night’s sleep, and the National Association of Home Builders predicts that by 2015 more than 60 per cent of custom-built houses will have dual master bedrooms. This is the right approach, say an increasing number of psychologists and sleep experts. In a 24/7 world where sleep is increasingly precious, single beds may represent the future.”


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