Clay Shirky e Daniel Pink na "Wired"
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Clay Shirky e Daniel Pink na "Wired"

Ricardo Lombardi

02 de junho de 2010 | 12h08


Recomendo a entrevista com Clay Shirky e Daniel H. Pink, publicada na Wired. Duas declarações interessantes:



“When someone buys a TV, the number of consumers goes up by one, but the number of producers stays the same. When someone buys a computer or mobile phone, the number of consumers and producers both increase by one. This lets ordinary citizens, who’ve previously been locked out, pool their free time for activities they like and care about. So instead of that free time seeping away in front of the television set, the cognitive surplus is going to be poured into everything from goofy enterprises like lolcats, where people stick captions on cat photos, to serious political activities like, where people report human rights abuses.”


“We have a biological drive. We eat when we’re hungry, drink when we’re thirsty, have sex to satisfy our carnal urges. We also have a second drive — we respond to rewards and punishments in our environment. But what we’ve forgotten — and what the science shows—is that we also have a third drive. We do things because they’re interesting, because they’re engaging, because they’re the right things to do, because they contribute to the world. The problem is that, especially in our organizations, we stop at that second drive.”


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