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Amy Winehouse na "The New Yorker"

Ricardo Lombardi

26 de fevereiro de 2008 | 07h07

Uma sugestão de leitura: o texto de Sasha Frere-Jones, da New Yorker, sobre a cantora Amy Winehouse. “O circo de Amy” é o título. “O estranho poder do junkie retro soul” é o destaque do editor. Vale ler. Um trecho: “Is there anything surprising about Amy Winehouse’s being awarded five Grammys this month? A cynic might say that her ability to stay alive is startling, but Winehouse’s worrying series of relapses and collapses could simply be a trick of the light. Actors and singers were misbehaving vigorously before the advent of radio; Winehouse may seem like such a dedicated tearaway because the lens recording her movements is wider than anything a sixties celebrity would have encountered, doesn’t switch off, and continually feeds a twenty-four-hour newsstand”.