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A história da rolha

Ricardo Lombardi

03 Outubro 2007 | 08h36

Na minha ignorância, nem sabia que a rolha do vinho renderia tanto assunto para um livro. Pois é esse o tema que George M. Taber escolheu. No livro “To Cork or Not to Cork,” segundo explica o Wall Street Journal, Taber “does an able job of telling the story of the cork industry’s early history, its rise to global monopoly status and the recent search for alternatives. On the central question — to cork or not to cork — he takes a pass. The science, he believes, is inconclusive. Screw caps and plastic corks seem to work fine for wines, especially white wines, that are drunk soon after they are bottled. But it is too early to tell if they will work for wines that should stay in the cellar for years.” Valeria uma matéria com o autor.